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Bridal Shower invitations templates

Some more detailed instructions…

How to:

1.  Open your party file in Adobe Reader
2. To personalize the party, simply type over any sample text in the highlighted fields.
3. Save your changes to the file and you can always come back to your file at a later stage.
4. Once you have completed customizing the text, simply save and print the file on your color printer. If you are planning to print at a print     shop, please see the notes on printing below.
5. Cut and assemble the items. For instructions on each item, please see below:

Special Notes on Editing:

You will not be able to edit any of the graphics in the file ie. their color, size or position as they are embedded in the file. If you would like customizations to the files, please send us a custom request.

1.The text fields are either “Auto-Fit” or “Fixed”, let me explain the difference:
Auto-Fit: The text will automatically resize to fit the allocated space. You cannot manually change the size of the text in these fields.
2.Fixed: the Font size has been pre-defined. Here, you CAN manually change the size of the font, simply press Control E (ie. press the Control button and the letter E at the same time) and for Mac users, Apple E. This will bring up the edit text toolbox. Highlight the text and change the size by selecting a size from the drop down list. You can also change font type and colors if you wish.

Special Notes on Printing:

If you don’t print these at home, you can always get them printed at a print shop such as Kinkos or Staples – simply burn the files to a disk or memory card.

1.Page sizes of all party files are formatted to US letter sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches)
2.We recommend printing a test page first before sending all the files to the printer. Simply Press File > Print and in the print page, select a page number to do a test print.
3.Paper choice: We recommend printing on a heavy, matte, white card stock.
4.Colors: When printing at home you will always get the best results with a laserjet printer. Always double check that your ink cartridges are at least 50% fill as the color does fade as you reach the end of your ink cartridge.
5.Even though all printers are different, the colors you see on the screen are very close to the finished product you will print at home.

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